My Wifes Pictures In The Dash Of The Car

So I have always taken nude pics of my wife, Polaroids and then when digital came out I was thrilled. So we needed tires for her car and I drove to a small local tire shop. there was a young guy behind the counter asked him what he had for my car, and he sold me four tires. So i left the whole time he was checking out my wife.

The following week I called the same shop to get a tune up. I had a ton of pics of her naked in the dash. I had to run off to work she was going to wait for the car. He said that he was going to get it done pretty quick I asked him if he would be working on the car himself he said yes. I asked him to please change the cabin air-filter knowing he had to open the dash. I drove off and parked where I could watch with a pair of very high powered binoculars. I could see him going thru the pics I could see her in the waiting room she was completely unaware.

I called he on her cell to tell her that I left one or two topless pics in the dash of the car. She had already made a remark a few times she thought he was cute. She started to tell me she was going to kill me and I said I bet he didn't even see them.

Boy did he see them then she paid for the car she said he was shaking. I watched her give him her business card and write her cell on the back. She had never done that before as soon as she got in the car I saw her open the dash. She was sooo pissed. I got home and she was still pissed I had already checked he cell they had talked twice already

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5 Responses Oct 10, 2013

That was a big turn on

Love it!!! Great idea and even though she was pissed, I bet she was thrilled inside knowing he saw her.

Very cool

WOW shocked your still breathing dont think id live through that one lol

What a sexy hot wife. She didn't waste any time... So what happened?