It's Called Life

I want to thank each and every one of you for you're comments and messages, I don't get on as much as I would like to, but love to read what you have to say,

This is a great site and I enjoy so much reading the life styles of most, which got me thinking, no matter who or what we are in life, we are still all human, be it you like being an adult baby or diapers, straight, gay, lesbian, transgenered, it should not matter to any one else, it's your life,

I have a motto in life, "never look back" there is nothing there now, we have to move forward, and I believe in showing respect and kindness to others reguardless of you life style, yes, I am transgenered and I love my life, it is what is best for me, and I will always have respect for what is best for you in your life, we have to learn to love one another, remember it does not hurt to show a little kindness,

I welcome any comments or remarks you may have, or any help or advice I can give to be of help to you in any way, just my way of saying I have love and respect for you reguardless of your life style, may all your days be filled with love and joy.
MissBrenda MissBrenda
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3 Responses Dec 2, 2012

What a nice positive message about acceptance!

you are so right, I have also been the target of prejudice and most of the cruelty you speak of, but our life is not about that, I believe in killing people with kindness not hate, we do not have to give back what we receive, we can give back more and better, and in some way hope that will change other people's heart and mind, Martin Luther King never won any thing by going to war, but he did win the battle with love, giving and will power, this has been my goal in life and always will be, when we get knocked down, we get back up, the only time we don't get back up is when they will lay us six feet under, and thank you for your very nice comment, The very best to you also,

Trans people aren't on the receiving end of kindness as much as they should be -- and I guess that's putting it mildly. Being the target of prejudice and cruelty can make some turn bitter, but others seem able to turn it around to become extra-kind, extra-giving people. In reading your comments and your stories, you seem like one of the latter types. I love your attitude, and I admire your confidence. Warm wishes.