Last Saturday we had a house party with my family and friends.
The party went very nice but we all drank too much. My girlfriend, who is currently in a foreign country started to chat me around 5am.

She started to send me naughty pictures of herself taking shower.
I told her that I was drunk and so proud of her body that I wanted to show her pictures to my friends. I thought she would get pissed off to that idea, but actually he invited me to do so.

My friends were so happy. When I told her that my friends saw her naked pictures, she didn't want me to name who was there because she liked the idea of not knowing who saw her naked body.

She confessed to me that it's the first time for her to show her naked body to someone else than her own boyfriend. She liked it.
Neyhoz Neyhoz
31-35, M
Aug 20, 2014