A while back, when the first women told me I had a thick penis I remembered where my index finger touches the thumb when i reach around my ****. Never thought it would come in handy.
Years later there was this girl, she was way younger. We didn't really know each other but everytime we met, we exchanged pleasant mockings. The mean kind disguised as pleasantries. I didn't really care, she was to young to be interesting, even though she was pretty.
One time I passed her while she was waiting for her friend. She showed me her hand like it was waiting for a high five. I raised an eyebrow startled by this unexpected gesture. "See, it's as thick as five of your penises next to each other."
I don't know what she expected, but I reached around her wrist with those fingers, measuring my girth. My fingers didn't touch her arm.
I looked her dead in the eye. "No, more like one."
Her eyes darted back and forth between my fingers and my face. "Lol, you're kidding!" I guess she saw that I was telling the truth.
I left her behind still looking at her arm.

sanaloht sanaloht
26-30, M
Aug 18, 2014