Wearing Low Rise Jeans That Show My Buttcrack

As my tiltle says I love to wear low rise jeans that show my buttcrack. Everywhere I go I always make sure my crack is showing when I bend and sit. There is this guy in my psychology class that I think is cute. One day I walked into class wearing my low rise jeans with a short top. I noticed him checking me out so I sat right in front of him so he clould get a look at my buttcrack. After I sat down he started talking to me. I knew he liked seeing my crack because he didn't say it was showing and he kept smiling. As I was taking notes I would lean forward on the desk so my buttcrack would show a little bit more for him. This guy was completely memorized by crack because when the professor called on him you could tell he wasn't paying attention. After class he tapped my on the shoulder and told me I had I cute butt and that he appreciated me showing him my buttcrack. Ladies if you like a guy and he is kind of shy just show him your buttcrack and he will enjoy it!!! Does anyone else have any stories of when you showed your buttcrack to a guy or girl that you like?
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3 Responses Nov 1, 2010

yeh. you're sending the right message in a way so the guy knows for sure youre interested

all girls must think this way ;)

You sound like a girl that wants something, and goes after it.:)