Showed My Friend Wife'S Naked Pictures

I always wanted to show off my wife to my friends. One of my oldest friends came over late night, **** drunk, and rolled joints. I wasnt that high but pretended to be hammered and asked him if he wanted to see some exclusive ****. He agreed, of course. I went on to access my secret folder and pretended searching for the files. In that folder were a 1000 of my wife's naked photos. I just kept going hmm...where did I keep it, and could see the bulge in his pants. He could see my my wife's full naked body, ***. ***** and everything else while I thought. He was quite. Then I clicked on another folder. That one had our sex shots, abt which i have already posted on. He was going crazy. But i kept it so casual he dared not speak a word. There were our sex videos, and my friend dared not ask to see them. But he was dying to. His bulge was getting enormous. Finally he said he's sloshed, and has to leave. I started playing our sex video and said ok, better go home in one piece. He left, in slow motion. gave me a hard on, seeing my wife looks so sexy to my oldest friend.
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any chance u wanna show some??? i can show u some too!!1

The first time I showed nude pictures of my wife was to a co-worker. He was always talking about his collection of pictures of his wife. His wife was about 10 years older than mine but a real looker with a great build and I had always thought she was hot. It had taken about a year to get my wife to let me photograph her without her clothes but when she did she had no problem showing all of her fine assets. I approached my co-worker about trading picture. He was hesitant but I could tell he was dieing to see My young wife bare. We deceided to meet at his house while his wife was at work. Our hands trembled as we handed each other photos of our wives and their private treasures. His wife looked better than I had dreamed. I don't know what turned me on more, seeing his wife in all of her glory or knowing that someone was seeing my wife nude without her knowledge. I was stone hard. When I looked over at my friend he had his **** in his hand ************. I then took my **** out and and did the same. It did not take long for us both to come. It was a great experience. We have traded pictures several times since getting our wives to pose for more pictures. My wife has gotten more raunchy, spreading herself wide and even allowing me to take pictures of her using her vibrator. The last time my friend and I met to trade pictures we *********** each other. I don't think I have ever came that hard. We are trying to find a way to swap wives but so far they have not agreed. But who knows where this will lead.

It is easy to see from the way you tell your story that you have really experienced trading wife pictures. It is easy to fantasize about it, but actually doing so, is totally more intense. I think it is great that you can find that kind of joy....and give others that kind of pleasure. You rock dude....

still a turn on, howmuchever i read this, i get a *****!

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was your wife in bed? Should have hinted that he could see the real thing

Can you share some of ....out of those 1000 pics......and videos.........????

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