Wife’s Parents’ Cabin - Part 2

Part 1 was posted quite a while ago, and then pulled down. I've since re-posted it, and am adding Part 2...

We were at the cabin this past weekend for a wedding that conveniently was close by.  Being the summer was basically over, there were not many people around, and nobody else at the cabin except my wife’s parents and our kids.
After a full day Sunday of running, golfing, and relaxing on the beach we needed to get going, so to speed things up my wife decided to use the outdoor shower.

She has never done this, to my knowledge, without keeping her suit on, so I took the opportunity to watch her.  She is absolutely beautiful, and the view from upstairs on the deck was great.  I was able to catch a couple pictures on my cell phone to keep the memory alive for later…

Updated 01/31/2013...  Sorry, but to maintain my wife's privacy and in respect for her, I have removed her nude pictures.
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2 Responses Sep 10, 2012

I love to shower outdoors too! I would love to use your shower.

Thank you...does she know they are here?

All the better...you do!