Still Hard

Just got to work and I'm still ready to explode in my pants.

We went out to dinner with my golf buds. We all came back to my house to have a few beers, and my wife had just got home from shopping and having lunch with her HOT girlfriend Tina. We walked in the house and my wife opened the door wearing these very short black shorts, and a totally sheer black shirt that had ruffles around the low cut neckline that covered her boobs. We were standing in the kitchen talking, and my wife reached up to get a wine glass from the cabinet and we all had to pick our tongues off the floor.
When she lifted her arms up, the ruffles that covered her boobs were no longer covering her ****. Her nipples were sticking out to make the view even better. Her perfectly circular arieolas and hard nipples instantly made my golf buddies almost drop their beers.
I showed them to the back deck, and came back in to the kitchen telling my wife, "Your **** are ******* amazing!!!". She looked not realizing what I meant. I pulled up the ruffles on her shirt, and now she got it. She said, "oh ****!" I told her to go have fun. We both went to the back porch where the guys and I sat and she proceeded to water the hanging plants as we tried not to be obvious. 

The pictures don't do justice to being there. 
Sorry.  Did the best I could.
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3 Responses May 7, 2012

the pics look good to me !

Your wife is absolutely beautiful and the outfit is totally sexxy. If you ever make it to NC let me know. Gotta go for now, I'm headed to Home Depot to get some hanging plants!!

Fantastic legs, especially the thigh and butt area, you are a very lucky fellow. I would say the pictures do great justice, classy look with a teasing edge to them. These pics have a 'rock-hard' effect on me especially if you picture and fantasize about her watering the hanging plants............great stuff