The Resurrection Of Christ-Facts To Look At

I am a student of theology, and I have looked at some important facts about the resurrection of Christ. Some people believe that Christ never fully died, or he was stolen in the middle of the night, or he just walked out of the tomb. I have thought about some of the facts that I want to share with you. Jesus was laid in a tomb that was given to him by a very rich man Joseph of Arimathea. Why would anyone steal His body, and place it somewhere else. Just to support some resurrection evidence. 99.9% of His apostles, and disciples were poor. No one had any money at all. Where would they put His body. Why put His body in a dirt hole somewhere. If they did, it could be found out in a matter of time. His followers would be there mourning at His grave site. None of that ever happened. This tomb was clean, and the very best place for a dead body to be put into.  His Mother would not want His body to be placed somewhere else.  It was the most honerable place to be put into to. The apostles and followers were more than likely were told by the Lord Jesus Christ not to go there, and not to take His body. He had his plans of His resurrection planned. If you read the gospels, you can see that He told them of His death, and His resurrection. If they did try to steal the body, they would have to fight trained, and highly skilled roman soldiers. The soldiers were told also that at dawn a most awesome sight of a resurrection could happen. I think that they may have had orders to be most alert at that time. Disobeying orders would have been the most severe, Maybe, other roman soldier officials went there to enforce it. Maybe, they may have been curious enough to see if anything would happen. Sleeping on duty would mean certain death.
He could not have walked out. He had been bleed to death, and all His bones were broken. Impossible to walk out of the tome after He had died. The whipping itself would have surely killed him. He would die later that die from the whipping wounds.

Where were the roman soldiers when the woman came to anoint the body.
There would have been some roman soldiers there. They would have asked them some questions about the body missing. No one was there. The seal of Ceaser seal that was placed on the tomb was gone. It could not be removed. To roll the stone away would have taken many men. It would have been more difficult if Jesus had removed the stone from the inside.

If the body had been stolen, then an investigation of where the body had been laid. None of the apostles, or disciples were questioned where they body was. There was no evidence of an investigation going on about the stealing of the body.

The burial shroud was left in the tomb, which still under investigation today. If they wanted to bury the body somewhere else, why leave the burial shroud. They would have needed it. If He was buried somewhere else, there would be followers there. That does not happen. I would even think if Jesus never left the tomb, it would be a place of great reverence. A most blessed place for his followers.

Something must have happened to have caused the roman soldiers to leave. Did they go right to the police, and roman officials to make a statement. If the most incredible resurrection even of all time had happened,would they have been extremely elated. Are there any old police reports about this. No matter how many times a country is taken over, police records are never touched. Police reports cannot lie, that would be illegal.

Those soldiers experienced the most important eye witnessing event of all time. It would lead to the salvation of the whole world. It would be the most important legal testimonial. I know that it is known that the soldiers fainted, but they still would get themselves back together again quickly. Roman soldiers were very tough, and very strong.

I have been a social activist for a long time. I try to analyze data about many things. I have been thinking about this topic about the facts surrounding the resurrection of Christ. It is something to look at and analyze. I Love Jesus with all my heart, mind, and soul. To my resurrected Christ I give Him praise, and glory, forever.
Alicehath Alicehath
56-60, F
Jan 20, 2013