The Tortured Mind Of A 25 Year Old Mother

A child's mind is constructed out of magic. This magic disappears over time as they grow. As a result most adults forget how to see through a child's eyes in the paradise of innocence. Even though they forget, they know it still exist in every child that are no taller than 4 foot high. They can do no harm to adults, actually they are afraid of them. So what right does a full grown adult have to take advantage of a defenceless child? ---this is what my mind have been stuck on since the "Tori Stafford case" here in Canada Ontario. As a mother, I can not phantom of what and why a little girl is preyed upon a sadistic desire. In my head, the images and assumptions of her last hours are playing like a CinemaAVX 3d. I can not sleep, nor face my baby son because I can't tell him that the world I've brought him unto is hell itself. I feel so helpless....all I can do is weep....worry...and be angry....oh please....pleassee.... make it stop.
joanemarie joanemarie
May 16, 2012