College Stress

When I was doing my A Levels earlier this year,I had a mountain of coursework to complete in a week,and I was stressed out with my boyfriend and the relationship with my best mate,who felt that I was drifting away from God because I was engaging in a sexual relationship with my boyfriend and not going to church (I haven't been in a while,because I don't feel right there anymore,I find it a cliquey environment and don't agree with some of the things that they say),and I just felt that people were trying to make up my mind for me,and I just shut down completely,took the day off college next day,and hoped that a sense of direction would come from somewhere. I ended up going back in to college next day (beforehand I had been contemplating finishing with my boyfriend or scrapping going to university and going on a gap year instead) but I decided that I could do it and ended up sitting on a train to Manchester writing the last chapter and conclusion of my German coursework.I've had so many moments during my last year where I've just wanted to hide from things when it gets tough,or from some people who I feel have destructive personalities.

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1 Response Jun 16, 2008

I know exactly how that is as when I get just so overwhelmed with life like bills, cleaning, laundry and getting to doctors appointments and making sure my sister has her medications and other things like that. I just go in my room that I have made completely made dark.