Start -> Shutdown

just like computers... click the start button, then the shutdown button and the computer is off...
when this life becomes too much for me, i shut myself down. too many problems, too many people, too many bad things... too many...
everything becomes nice after that shutdown because i spend the next few days in my own world, far far away from the cruel reality...
many people think I'm irresponsible, but i think it's better to shut down than to make a massacre or something like that... isn't is so?
or am i really irresponsible?

misunderztood misunderztood
18-21, F
2 Responses Mar 18, 2009

I tend to do this too. I call them "mental health days." Sometimes you just need a break before you can go back and face it all!

Im so like that. When things get too overwhelmed for me I just a need from the world. I go into my place and just plain hide out