No Exception

I hate it when people do something to hurt me. They think that because I'm always so cold emotionally that I don't feel. The reason I'm cold is because people think they can do anything they want and put me in a position to 1) cover them for their mistakes 2) suffer for what they've done or 3) comfort them for throwing me away. I'm done with that. I don't care what people think, there are some rules they have to follow with me:

-You don't get respect from me, you earn it. I don't care who you are. My mom has to earn it, my school dean has to earn it, my government officials have to earn it, and my fiance has to earn it. It's not that hard to earn my respect, but its amazing that people like my own mother have not done anything to even try.
-You don't take me for granted. You use me, stab me in the back, or benefit from my loss, you won't be allowed to even be near me. I don't take anybody's ****. I'm not your friend or your lover or your backup. Not unless you earn the right to call me that. I may be fast to like someone, but I'm faster to despise them. It amazes people that I can like someone so easily, but they get blown away when I take one look at someone and tell them to get away from me.
-I can tell what kind of person you are by just looking at you and being near you. If you wan't to change my perception of you (the perception I get from reading your aura), you need to work hard at it. You can be nice and sweet and kind and trusting, but if I read you as a *****, I won't change that perception unless you really show me it's wrong. (And for the record, from the 12 ****** I've met, none of them has changed that perception.
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Wow and I thought I was harsh.