My Ex Hurt Me...

I was texting my ex at 10:00 last night and i told him that i used to be depressed. He didnt like that. He was actually one of the few people who got me through my depression and back to normal. Me and him stayed friends after the breakup since we were really close. He started yelling at me for not telling him or he would have gotten me help. I told him that i didnt want anyone to know. He then just started ignoreing me. Now he tried to talk to me at school today and i completely ignored him.
His phone number? Deleted
His facebook? Blocked
His name? Forgotten
I will not go back to him. He used to be my wall of support but now he is just one rain drop on the window.
ChristinaH123 ChristinaH123
18-21, F
Nov 28, 2011