Iron Doors

Hurt is a relative term. I prefer betray harass torture and break. Things that are not easy to do to me, is it normal to shut someone out completely when they hurt you? or is there just a group of us who hold people with a grain of salt waiting until they do something completely stupid or irrational to us? Or is that just me? I remember the first time this happened: She was my best friend of all time. She knew my secrets my hope my dreams my passions, everything. I started cutting and she made it okay to be a cutter, until I landed in the hospital for my suicidal tendencies from not talking about my problems in a normal way. After I got out of the hospital she introduced me to drugs, luckily non addictive, to stop my cutting problem. Whenever I was up there in the sky with all the little birdies she would take advantage of that....It took my a few years to figure out that she was influencing I shut her out and left her behind the big iron door I keep in the very back recesses of my mind.
Hurt is a relative term I've said before. Hurt could be physical mental or emotional. All in All I would prefer that they stay away from me....
ThinkingLight ThinkingLight
18-21, F
Jun 15, 2012