I Would Really Like Know If It's Possible To Move Past This Stage And Have The Relationship Restored.

This survival technique has ended so many of my relationships. I can't think of a single time when I've ever been able to move past this stage and have that relationship restored to the level of intimacy that it had before.

It takes alot to get me to this point of no return, and I feel like I put a lot of effort into trying to get along with each person before reaching this stage, and repeatedly warned the person that they were really ******* me off.

Is this pattern normal human behaviour or is there something wrong with me?
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I don`t know if it is normal behaviour. I do know that I am the exact same way and I have pushed so many people away and now I`m in my mid-twenties and all alone. I used to be bright eyed, super friendly, always willing and trying to get people to like me. This translated into people saying I was a fake whenever I truly got upset at things said or done to me because it was such a rare occurence. If not that, people would think it was ok to use me, say anything they wanted to me and I was just supposed to accept it. I wish I was different. I wish I was like everyone else my age and have fake friendships and fake people around me. It`s just not me. I need real people who are respectful and care about me to tell me the truth about things because they care and not because it makes them feel better to bring me down.

Hi, your piece caught my eye. I believe your problem is not unique to you; it's a universal human problem. We are all learning how to love unconditionally and to forgive. If you truly do believe in the power of love then Love can restore/transform your relationship.....You might find these links useful: http://catherineponder.wwwhubs.com/pond1.htm

All the very best to you and your loved ones.