You Dont Need To Hurt Them Back... This Is What Happens

I had a best friend in high school..I mean best friend we did everything together, we would talk about life and i dunno like a brother in arms. It was the closest friend I ever had.

We even were room mates afterwards... either way he wanted to join the army. the day before he swore in I got him to chicken out, selfishly i wanted him to be my friend...
Not to long later he caught me cheating on my girlfriend (who happened to be in our close circle) I asked him to keep it quiet and it was a mistake. I felt terrible and joined the military to get away from it all...

Needless to say i hurt my best friend bad. And i ruined a good relationship...

Im sure they wanted me to hurt.. But I did on my own. I still don't have a best friend. I still feel guilt for my mistake 10 years ago.. And he will never talk to me again..

I learned from this.. but i was a mistake that i still face today.
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1 Response Jan 18, 2013

Isn't it strange how things you do when you are young really do matter?It hurts when you lose the friends that were REAL friends. I am not talking about the pretend friends that pick and choose when they will stand by your side, but REAL friends.I can't say I have experienced that situation, but I can say that I empathize with your longing to have that real companionship back. I miss my friends. I miss them so much that when I say that sentence it brings tears to my eyes. I know that sounds ridiculous. But it is true.My Ex-husband was military. So, when I was in college, I left with him, got married and left my friends behind. Wouldn't you know that even with a great career and a failed relationship behind me, that i really needed the friends that I carelessly forgot to include in my "important" life?I seem to be like you, helping people. But I am far from perfect.If you ever need to talk, just message me. It's always nice to meet new friends.