One Is The Lonliest Number

Im so used to people leaving me that ive stopped trying to make new connections.

I have no one other than a very small handful of friends, and i fear that its going to get smaller.


I dont even just shut out people who have hurt me. I shut out people who i believe might hurt me. Who may not have even realised theyve hurt me..  Sometimes people who just make me jelous i end up shutting out... People who make me feel anything other than what i was already feeling, just because they have power over me by changing my emotion... I dont want to be alone, i just feel safer that way. I know where i am and who i can rely on.


Is that wrong?   i dont know.

OpheliaIncarnate OpheliaIncarnate
18-21, F
1 Response Mar 10, 2010

my walls are as high as the federal prision lonely is what it leaves you