Pain Of Being Shy

I am shy and I don't know why.
I wish I did.

Being at school and being shy is awful. Not being loud enough to get a word in edge ways when most of the other kids are talking is horrible.
Getting told by teachers to answer more questions and participate more in class. That is not easy when your so shy as me.
Mostly the fear of humiliation of other kids in school was hard. Also being too quiet to be heard made this worse.

Being shy makes making friends harder and being sh worse. Makes school life one of the lonely experiences of ones life. Not being understood as person for being this way made school difficult.
Getting picked on for being thought of as strange as well. That made me less able to voice opinions or be drawn to people to make friends with.

Wanting to speek but unable as the louder people taking the opotunity away from you.

I am shy and I see nothing bad in being that way apart from the way you get treated by others.
If only extroverts understood Introverts.
sundragonfly sundragonfly
18-21, F
1 Response Jun 20, 2011

I have the same feelings. It is terrible and very painful. I have lost many things in my life. I wish people were not so cruel and be a little more acceptant.