Dare Not Chat

I work in a public place which has made my shyness worse I cannot talk to people unless they talk to me, except the people I work with I find it almost impossible to talk to women which is why I have been single for 15 years.
I believe my shyness started at school when I was bullied every day so never developed social skills I was always trying to stay out of the way of the bullies so just hid as much as I could.
Now in my late 40s I think i'm getting worse I would love to change but cant see how, anyway good luck to all in this group.
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1 Response Jul 7, 2011

Now try to flirt. lol I swear this happened to me last week. I'm like you, but I seem to have attracted the attention of a co-worker. Last week, she finally found where I sit... and rubbed and patted my back a few times. Also, she leaned hard against my chair. Major flirt.

Talk to people at work... they love it... if you have the time for it... if you don't, make the time!