Social Phobia

Not sure if a lot of people know about social phobia because most people just think they are shy. I grew up a very shy kid, hiding behind my mother and crying at school if I was scared to talk or ask the teacher anything. I grew up shy and judged as having something wrong with me. I learned to control it, and people saw me as quiet rather than shy. Even getting a boyfriend meant the personal ads. As I got older people judged me as not that intelligent because I didn't have a lot to say, when in reality, I knew a lot, just didn't want to say it. When I reached about 40, I did some research and found out that really shy kids can become social phobic as they get older. Answering phones is really hard on a social phobic person, I'm not sure why, you would think talking face to face would be harder. Social phobic people have trouble at get togethers and when they see people they know in a store their hearts beat faster. They have trouble asking for directions or even asking someone in a store if they have the time. It holds them back a lot. I still have trouble pushing myself to apply for a job and if an interview comes poor heart will be pounding away. Some social phobia people even faint, and they get embarrassed easy as well. Social phobia holds people back, I didn't even go to college because of it. I slowly get better, but talking on the phone is still really hard on me to do. I hope I get the courage to do something better for myself in the next few years.
karinalyn karinalyn
51-55, F
Jul 10, 2013