The Title Made Me Laugh....and Then I Thought Ewwww!

Creepers!  Conjures up pictures of dark alleys with scarey shadows and me running like the wind to get away!!! 

I am indeed tired of the creepers and here are just a few who need not "friend" me:

Weeper Creepers.....yes, you come with story in hand wanting sympathy and help.  You wear your crying towel well but it does not fool me! 

Peeper Creepers.....aah, you are the one who wants me to "come take a peep at my pics"....ummm NO!  Or worse, you want to take a peep at me, YIPES!

Sleeper Creepers.....You are the worst of all!!  You seem normal but a couple of messages and a week goes by and VIOLA the real creep comes out of the bushes and rears it's ugly head....ewwwwww!

My friend littleferrett got it right.....CREEPER is a perfect word to describe you!!  If I wanted creepers for friends I'd just go hang out by the docks or in a dark alley at midnight.  Go Away!!!

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7 Responses Mar 6, 2010

LOL<br />
Foaming Squirrels.... akkkkkk

YES! I like that definition....I would add that the "jeepers Creepers" also like to edit all their own unseamly, curse-filled comments so it appears they have said nothing to invoke the wrath of another! (by the way, her favorite girl on here made a comment and disparaged the very profession the woman says she is in.....engineers/forklift operators/etc. Pffffft, that must have made her apoplectic...... WAIT what was that! I think I saw a foaming squirrel run by!!!!! hahahahaha

OK soooo I guess I had better supply a definition then.... Right then...<br />
<br />
Jeepers Creepers : You wear your emotions on your sleeve waiting for the slightest hint of an insult, even when there is not one to be found. You take immediate offense, most often because you do not own a dictionary or know how to use google, you Block the imagined Evil on and rush off to create a group to Expound on your Baseless theories and preceed to finger pointing and school yard name calling, while they are unable to respond.

Hahahaha, I forgot all about Jeepers Creepers....good one Miss Cheeky!

eeeek Jeepers Creepers !!!!!!!!!

Heehee! I promise you'll never find me down by the docks sweety.

OMG you are fun!