Feeling Unloved

When I wake up I see myself, alone,confused and feelingout of place. The world around me is going in circles. The lonelness that I feel seems like no one can take it away. The more I try to get involved in things the more I feel out of place. No matter how hard I try it's like it's not good enough I have a boyfriend but it seems he don't care about how I feel about anything. I am like a shadow everyone just steps on not noticeing that I am there. I try and I try to make things work for me but it's like what am I trying for when it may not be enough for them. I am always to myself even through my family is there they don't care about my thoughts or my feeling. Feeling lonely is not a good thing for me I am tired of the people that I think love me take advantage of me when I am in my deepest despaire they don't understand that I need love to. I keep dishing it out to them but can't get nothing in return even through I am not looking for it. I just want someone to be ther for me when I go through things. It seems that no matter what I am always a shadow in my life. I am sick of it but hat can I do. I try to change how I do things but it just don't work things remain the same I know I can't change the people around me but what am I to do am I going to die alone and confused. What to do What to do.

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4 Responses Feb 24, 2010

Loneliness can be a state of mind-you can be lonely in a crowd. What you need is to explore and find people others like you who have same or similiar experiences or feelings. Its not easy but you can paralyze yourself emotionally by not doing something. You have many questions that need answers--we all do--sort them out and ask either here or with people you encounter, as I said it won't be easy but the other prospect can leave you ruined for life, we are all afraid to ask but ask we must if it is to insure our own well being.

Lonliness in horrible to go through, wish I could wish it away but I will say that I feel it too nearly everyday. (((Hugs)))

seems like u need to go out & explore & take some risks. if u need any help mail me on t_virgos@inditimes.com

I know how you're feeling. Empty? Got it, even though I am in a happy marriage and have kids but my world seems empty. It took me too many times to get it right when it comes to a man. Any boyfriend who doesn't put you first isn't the right one!