My Petition For Gap

Hi everyone I would really like it if you could sign my petition if you do I will give everyone who dose and comments "I did" one if thoses thanks you things on here and I will make sure u did it by seeing number of signs. Thanks! Link here and below is a description why to do it.

I think Gap should make more holiday designs because during all holidays boys like to wear boxers that go with them. But they could still use it all year round like in stead of saying "Happt St. Patty's Day" it could just have clover print so you could all year round. Speaking of that I have spoke to a lot of boys who buy boxers from Gap but are switching over to Hanes at Target because they sell a lot more holiday boxers and they sell clover print all year they every single one of them said that they loved it when gap had clover print but now that they stopped they don't want to buy any clothes there only from Hanes, Target, and mostly rom American Egle. They like American Egle because of they make a petition or if a lot of people make a request the do it. And the Gap dose not have that many boxer choices and most are the same. I hope you really do this choose to sign this. Thanks!
Utuve Utuve
Jan 7, 2013