Silky Nylon And Lace Nightgown

I am happy to confess that i am the proud owner of 15 very silky pretty full length nightgowns and i love sleeping in a silky nightgown. Enjoying all the silky nylon draping over my body from my shoulders to my ankles is beautifully sensual and comforting. I fondly recall buying this very silky long white nylon and lace nightgown two years ago from the lingerie section of a popular major department store and the lady sales attendant when wrapping the nighgown and feeling how soft and silky the nightgown was, said ''is it for someone special she will love it'', and i said ''well yes in fact, it is for someone in particular'' and she glanced at me curiously perhaps because of the way i expressed my answer, prompting me to say ''it is especially for me''. She expressed a long wry smile. She then asked me if a nightgown was the only feminine lingerie garment i wore and i told it was not. I thought here is my chance as she curiously engages in this discussion, so i told her i wear panties, slips, bras, as well as nightgowns, stockings, blouses, skirts and dresses. You must have quite a collection she said and i confirmed i did. She completed wrapping up the nightgown as we exchanged occasional eye to eye contact. I paid for the nightgown, thanked her and as i was about to leave she said ''if ever there is anything else you would like drop by i would be pleased to serve you''. I thanked her saying ''i will remember that''. We said goodbye to each other and she watched me walk off......wondering i am certain. A penny for her thoughts.

This is the nightgown featured in the story >

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4 Responses May 21, 2012

lovely storie nice lady and nightie so luck i to love nighties

This is very nice I would like to own one just like it, maybe buy a matching one for my wife also.

Your wife would look stunning in this nightgown lingerieme. With one each you would both have great fun.

And you look great in it as in everything....

Thank you skipper.

Lovely, I have 5 nightgown. I bet that sales woman would go home with you.

Very nice. Not sure whether she would but she certainly displayed notable interest in my dressing in lingerie and femininely.