Slip Slips

i love slips i wear them to bed and iwear them under my male clothes in the winter.
allisoncder allisoncder
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Hi Allison, I love wearing slips too.

Yep - me too... I also wear my mini dresses under my male clothes when I visit the Adult Video Stores - some times I change into my dress in the bathroom at work - stockings , garter .. or thigh highs, or PH... padded bras ..etc... and try to find someone to take my cherry - no luck so far. I want to experience it like a real girl ...his hands on my hips or waist or shoulders ...just ******* my eager **** shoot with a fever..
I see you'd like to try bareback ... very sexy - me too... I would like to feel the hot ***** shooting into me , and on me . But first, I wanna try with condom - most of the guys I've encountered in the AVS are pretty gross and disgusting really... not very appealing to me - hence the glory hole ... so I don't have to see the onwer of the **** I'm stroking off to *** in my hand...
Some times I unlock the door in hopes another patron will find me appealing enough to join in and either **** me from behind or take over the stroking and allow me to **** him or stroke him ... sex, sex, sex ... that's all it is ...

slips are a little bulky under trousers - but petti-pants or coulottes are wonderful - silky - lace fringe on leg!! Billi

yes i agree i wear them all the time

im wearing both right now cant beat the feeling

yes i agree love the feeling of them on my smoth skin

I wear silky knickers and a half slip every day under male clothes a lovely sensation.

i wear a slip and panties most days in the winter, at first it scared the hell out of me, now it just seems normal even though i still get hard walking around

lol ... mee too... Thought I was alone .... Some day , I will get my nerve up and go to the local Adult Video Store and get my man **** ****** good and deep .. I hope.. :P
have a lot of First Times ... to take care of .. first BJ , first , Stroking and ******* another veiny ****, first time getting my man **** ****** from behind , bend me over and slip it in !! When I get used to your size ; then you can **** me till you explode deep into me , or pull out and shoot on my back or in my face even - I want to be your **** ***** ! **** me to your pleasing , again and again.

hi Sorry about no responding earlier, I love slips full and half myself Im in a gold half slip as I'm writing this lol Jean Satsilk

so do i

Have you ever tried going for it completely, and dressing as a woman head to toe. Then head out that door (or go to a place you won't be recognized). It's exhilarating. I know you want to do it. You'll need to buy a nice wig. That really changed things for me. Now, I'm passable, and have been out on a date. So fun!

yes it is the more lacy the better

a nice lacy full slip is very sexy -Billi

OMG!!! How true that is especially if it's silky charmeuse satin or a very silky nylon (my 2nd favorite)!!!