Diapers As Punishment and Enberisingmet

 ok it all started when i was about 7 i was in the basement of my babysitters house and had to pee rely bad and could not make it up stairs to use the potty so i graded a diaper of the charging table it the room i was in and went pee in it and my babysitters daughters caught me and i was made to wear diapers for the rest of the day . then about 3 day later i had a accident on her couch and she was mad and mad me wear diaper every time i was at her house and ever time i was in her care and was not aloud to use the bathroom i had to use the diaper for its intended use. untell my mom and dad took me to the doc and it was deceived that i had a rear form of Juvenal incontice i had no control over my bodyile fuchinec . my babysitter was very sad she made me wear diaper as a punishment but i had to wear them all the time from ther on out i never would out grow it and i had to keep diapers and wipes in a bag all the time .and when i was in high school i was decuverd by my school mates and thay planed a very humiliating act that caught me and 5 of them tied me to a lunch room table and striped my pants off and left me ther in a diaper that was wet and solid and i was crying then the lunch bell rang and i was humiliating . but the princably and one of the boys mom had a talk with me  and told me that thay had a plan to make him see how i felt thay put the class mate in diapers and made him where them all day at school and did not let him use the bathroom ether and i found it to be just deserved and fitting punishment and he was very apologetics to me                                                

 please tell me your comenites on it please i would like to know your thouts on it 

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yes it is just dont know but i thing he was made to wher them the rest of the year