Wearing Feels So Good

To all you guys out there wearing lingerie like panties and pantyhose, there’s nothing like the feeling of them on your body. It’s a great feeling. My wife enjoys seeing me in them, and I enjoy wearing them. My wife takes out the colored panties that she likes to see me in every morning. So, enjoy it. Check out our profile for more about us.
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3 Responses Jul 19, 2010

Hi. i jumped in at the deep end. Told my wife that i had bought some throngs, because they were more comfortable than pants. Showed her as we were going to bed. Believe me it took guts but it paid off. Her reaction was Its a bit weird, but its up to you what you do. Getting that out of the way i then took a bra , panties and a chemise which i had carefully hidden in my cupboard and put them on in bed and then waited for a response. It dident take long before she said whats going on. I replied that i felt more comfortable and relaxed wearing them ,then waited for a reply. Nothing .Couldent believe my luck. Anyway three months later i wear womens undies 24/7. including ff nylons. which i love. the point of the story is Let the wife know what you are doing. Its a lot less hassle than trying to cover up and getting caught out.. Hope this story helps somebody.

that would b great wish mine would,i have to buy my own...

Such a wonderful wife your blessed~!