Nice Encounter With Sales Associate

Ok so I go out this morning wearing head to toe women's clothes. I like to blend in with the other girls so I had on skinny jeans, sneakers and a T shirt. I went to my favourite thrift store and began browsing the ladies wear in hopes to find a new outfit. Well, I found 2 pairs of yoga pants with the tags still on (indicating new) and a pair of leggings. I went to the cash and the sales associate mentions that I found some good buys as aerobic wear is expensive. We started talking about our workouts like 2 girls. Then she says I should come with her to the back as they are getting ready for a sale next week and there were some workout tops there. I went with her and found 2 tops (both women's). I'll be going back again.
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4 Responses May 19, 2012

Just like the above comment I love thrift shops (goodwill is very nice ) , although there are many other nice shops out there.

Your timing was perfect! Finding great deals is a lot of fun.

Wonderful deals can be found at thrift stores, if you take the time to look. As you found out, it also helps to get to know the people at the store. They often know what will be coming out, and when, and can guide you to some reals steals.

You are completely correct. I stop by this one every week. I'm open with them so they know any fem clothes are for me. That really broke the ice.

Oh how wonderful! I love to talk to the sales girls.