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I'm 19 years old and I've always loved girl stuff since I was little. I always wear panties, paint my toe nails pretty colors and my fingernails clear. I curl my eyelashes and as a hobby and free time I make music, hula hoop, and dance with my hips to music lol. I love leggings, tights, skirts, dresses, and really girly things! I had a girlfriend which I was with 4 years and she would let me wear her panties because she would leave them at my house when we made love but at first she used to think was weird but then got used to it I guess. When i had told her I like girly things and stuff and she said it was a bit weird but then I had told her I like heels, skirts, tights, garters, etc. for myself she broke up with me, I was hurt because we had plans to get married and move in and we promised each other we'd always be together no matter what and she left me:( And now that I think about it it's going to be hard finding someone who accepts me the way I am. Sometimes I even think I should be with another guy even tho I'm not gay buy maybe it's the only way I'm going to be happy and be accepted the way I am. I know there's girls that don't mind guys who like girl things but I do not know any and it will be weird to ask every girl I meet if they like boys that like to wear women's clothing and girly things.. Maybe meeting someone online but I get scared:( What do y'all think?:)
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2 Responses Jan 11, 2013

It can be tough to find an accepting girl.... I think the best way is to show your fem side in public. Not necessarily full out dressed but wear earrings and or paint your nails or do as much as you can be comfortable with. The key is getting seen and then you will know that the girls who talk to you have a level of acceptance for your dressing up.

I think it's a real shame that no-one has responded to your post yet! When I was your age I was tossing all my teen age feminine collection away to leave home for 4 years in the Air Force. Little did I know then that it would be 30 - 40 years before my femininity would resurface. You are in a wonderful position right now as you know what your situation is and seem to be aware of the fact that you'll never ever be able to change it. So many of us were not aware of this at your age and sadly hid it from ourselves and others. That is why many of us are referred to as "closeted crossdressers" as we've entered into marriage and have sired children without ever telling our wife of our strong feminine desires and needs. It is so sad that your girl friend left you when you shared this with her but the truth be told you'll be a lot better off in the long run. If you surf this site or other CD related sites you'll discover a good number of accepting supportive women out there. Sadly I cannot tell you how to find them as I have no idea. My wife of almost 52 years knows of my feminine side but has no clue as to just how strong that need and those desires are within me. She absolutely hates the idea of my sleeping with her wearing long satin nightgowns and my everyday satin panty wearing. This is the only real "problem", from her point of view, with our marriage that has not had any sexual activity now for 30 or more years! (The main reason my feminine love and needs resurfaced!) I share this with you because I never told her of my strong feminine side before our marriage because at the time it was very much dormant and I never thought my feminine adolescent activities needed to be shared with her.

You enjoy your femininity as you are at the time of your young life when it should be a thrilling time for you. If you do meet a woman you like take it very slowly and tread softly. After you are comfortable with her and feel she would be the understanding type you could let her "accidentally" discover the silky panties you're wearing under your male pants. When she questions this be "gently" honest with her in answering her questions. Don't immediately blurt out your whole feminine story. Take it a little bit at a time following her lead. Believe it or not there are women out there who love to "force" (ha, ha) a male into womanhood and that would be a real lucky find for you. Hopefully now that I've posted this you'll now receive some more helpful replies. I wish you all the best with whatever your life has ahead for you.