I Do :)

I never want to change you. I am entirely in love with you and every part of you is awesome to me... Even if you make mistakes, I'll still be here :) You may not be perfect, but you're the best I could ever ask for <3
You're sexy, nice, caring, chilled, intelligent, understanding, funny and just generally amazing.

You can be such a weirdo and get so cheeky, but that's okay because I'm a cheeky weirdo too ;)
You're so lazy sometimes, but I'm probably lazier :p
You can get really competitive, but that only makes me feel more accomplished when I beat you :p
You're so sexual, but then again so am I ;)
You can be quiet, but I'm so glad about that. Better than being annoying, haha
You can be stubborn, but I think that's kind of cute.

I can't find anything bad about you... and even if I did, I'd probably just end up finding it attractive :p
I just love you for who you are

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Dec 23, 2011