Since Girls Wear Pants/trousers

Since more & more girls are wearing pants/trousers we men should take to wearing skirts/dresses in public, at the moment I always wear a skirts/dresses while I'm in doors as I find them more comfortable than pants/trousers in fact I love wearing anything that should only be worn by a woman
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2 Responses May 22, 2012

Be maybe it'S time for you to go out doors, like so many others here on EP and so may other sites

Well it alway broils down to money for the stores,
If they see the new gurl like I call them, start to wear there clothing in the real world or out in the pen the will put all what we use to wear in there stores.

An example in reverse of this is since most women wear more pants than skirt & dresses the need for tightd and panty hose has drop and the walmart nearest to my house has almost nomore of these for us women in our dept.

So the reverse is also true for you who want to wear all the clothes we women use to wear ( although me I still wear skirts & dresses every day). If you wear them everyday there's going to be a market for it and every stores are going to stock up to sell them you.

I totally agree with you since 99.5% of women have totally abandon dresses and skirt year round femized maes should pick up these garments as there natural every day clothing.

But I wonder what is stopping you gurls from making them yours on a daily bases.
Personelly I wold really like to see you gurls on the the streets all dress up as all as you shave all of, I did say shave all of, To respect the feminin GLAMour look wich is a look that has been try, tested and approved by all.

Follow in our foot steps gurls