I'm the Person At the Red Light

I'm the person at the red light to the left or right of you.  I'm dancing in my car, singing along to the lyrics and having a one person party in my car. 

There are certain songs that inspire me, push me to move.  Songs that connect with the place I am right there on my journey in life.  People tend to smile and point me out to the other people in their cars.  I don't care about being noticed.  I am enjoying the moment I'm in which I'll never relive at that time in that place again in life.

I love positive music and it is theraputic for anyone who accepts it.

ichooselife ichooselife
36-40, F
5 Responses Mar 16, 2009

ever try car seat dancing jenny?

I love my i pod and other music pla<x>yers. I have all kinds of lists. I sing out loud in my truck.

There are a lot of times I feel out of place by just being myself but when I'm in my own domain or in my car. I could give to sniffs of a kangaroo's behind what anyone else thinks of me. Deep down inside (usually once a month) I feel that people are fake and they really don't like me as much as they claim they do. But normally (by the next day) I'm out of my depression and I'm back to being the fun loving me that keeps life bearably fun. <br />
Try it sometimes Dimples, I'm sure you have a cd or playlist on your ipod that makes you just want to dance. Play it in your car....go ahead I dare ya!

LOL, it's funny because I was just telling my husband that I'd feel out of place doing something like that.

i dont mind giving anyone a show as long as im happy!