So What?

So nobody else enjoys my singing as much as I do, who cares? I sing in th car and crank up the radio to drown out my bad voice. Nobody hears me as I drive to work.

Driving home is another matter, I drop the top and crank the tunes. The wind combs the worries out of my hair. When other drivers see me singing my heart out, they usually smile. Some have given me the thumbs up. That's way better than that other finger we've all seen waved. One guy even changed his station to match mine and we were rocking out at the red light.

Hey, it's harmless and one of the ways I stay sane!

Koiponder Koiponder
46-50, F
5 Responses Jul 14, 2009

I love ep there is a group for everything, including singing in the car.

I also have a terrible singing voice, but if you can put up with my horrid voice, I am most certain I can put up with yours koilady63

I say we all meet at the stop light! I'll even bring ya ear plugs! :D

That was so funny! I do the same thing..well I sing in the car but I roll the windows up. I love singing but I don't sound very good. That's Ok, It's my space and my fun. I do it anyway..:>} La la la. See awful! Cringe worthy

awesome, i do the same thing.