at least, that's wot i hear from other ppl. by other ppl i mean 3 at least, all of which dont really know each other. but i think it's kinda cool lol, that i do. my sister, whom i share a room with, says i sing mostly show tunes (lol) or phantom of the opera. she's even tried to wake me up by poking me in th stomach (nice) and it only made me change key LOL, so of course she stood there forever just poking me and being amused. ive also sleep walked and talked, but this (i think) is cooler lol
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lol that's awesome

Now that's a different twist to this sleep talking thing! lol. My great grandma used to sing when she came up out of anesthesia in the hospital. There was a particular gospel song she could NEVER remember in awake state. But this is the song she sang perfectly word for word when awaking from anesthesia!! She was also one that never cussed, but I hear she occationally woke up cussing like a sailor!! lol