Dorky Little Mumble.


Newbie here :)

So here goes with my first experience.

I sing, I  sing in the shower, I sing when i'm drying my hair, I sing when the music is loud.

In fact I sing pretty much anywhere where no one can hear me.

I don't suck i'm actually pretty good but a weird thing happens as soon as I know i'm being listened to.

Mid song belting out a diva classic, suddenly my voice turns into a quivering pathetic gibber.

My throat turns dry and then I forget the words.

It can be my favorite song, i've been singing it all my life then...

Suddenly I forget the beat.

I've been put in situations before where I have been asked to sing and...


Am I alone in my weird ways?


K x


WanderingWalteress WanderingWalteress
22-25, F
1 Response May 7, 2010

Hi WanderingWalteress <br />
Very interesting story. Great to be a singer. Maybe go see a singing coach and get over your shyness. Then you could be a troubador. (wandering singer).<br />
Best wishes<br />