I Actually Really Like To Sing.

I only sing when I happy/in a good mood and alone. I have a decent voice, especially since I was tone deaf until about 8th grade, but I get overshadowed by my younger sister, whose voice is significantly better than mine. Although we don't live in the same house, she likes to do duets when we're spending time with each other. And her parents only compliment her singing when we do, so I just stopped singing.
I can match Adele, The Wanted, and most of the time Christina Aguilera. Even girl who plays Mulan's singing voice. But not if someone else is around.

I feel like it's my only thing I can do decently. And I don't want it to be subject to judgement, since everything else is.
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1 Response Nov 25, 2011

It's good your voice is there to you through the.good times. What's important, its a gift to yourself.