... And People Accidentally Hear It

Seriously - that's super annoying. I love to sing, and I'm always singing to myself. It helps soothe my nerves. Now I am aware that I'm no trilling soprano, and I try to sing as softly as I can. Besides, if people can hear it, the whole thing loses that privy feel it has.
My point is - it isn't exactly my fault if anyone hears me.
They then go all "sing loudly why don't you - I wanna hear you.", but I know that's just their way of trying to make me shut up.
But it isn't going to work - because singing is the one thing that I really love, and I'm not going to stop doing it no matter how many people's ears I hurt.
Rant over.
braindead666 braindead666 16-17, F Oct 28, 2012

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