I Am Right Now


It's the only way I know how to express fluently and in flow. I can't write and i can't draw/paint but when it comes to sounding what i feel, I am right at home. 


Right now, i am just sounding a very serene, natural, mystical flow because i am in a state of serenity and joy and I am reflecting that with my voice. 


Cool huh? 

Nope, no one read this. 


LuckymeIshouldsee LuckymeIshouldsee
3 Responses Feb 16, 2010

Life is the stage!<br />
<br />
Sometimes its big with an audience of 5000 people and sometimes its big with an audience of four walls. <br />
<br />
I think if you sing, then there is an ear for it.

It is cool! and Kinnertwo, grab a stage, don't wait for one!

i think that is awesome! i enjoy singing as well. the flow is awesome, sometimes i wish i had a stage...