Single Mama To Be :-)

I honestly don't know what to write I'm going to be a single mom and wanted to share my new life with everyone and hear some advice as well.I had a boyfriend for six years and I was engaged he cheated on me with a man and I was heart broken scared confused and very hurt after him I fell into a hudge depression and met a guy and got pregnant and I didn't love him and realized I was just acting out because what happened to me he also ended up being a cheater now I'm pregnant and he hasn't spoken to me in four months and wants nothing to do with the baby I feel ashamed at times but I m hoping for a better life once I have my little one
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Don't despair. Keep your head. Be as calm as you can.

Well, depression is still the most dangerous experience.

Nice pic!

Hey what's up? Hope everything ok

Hey...Be brave!The life is beautiful should be lived and remember that all the time you will be a young and beautiful mom , so, when your little angel will be born , will be the largest gift of your life. That should make you happy and the lucky person in the world. I hope hear from you soon, maybe we'll can talk for a long time.
P.S. Don't forgot, will be the most important&beautiful thing of your life.

I'm a Dad in RL and I will help you. Please tell me the whole story. I am a good listener. I live in Georgia. My name is DON. Let's become friends

dont feel ashamed, be dont trust anyone so easily

Thank you sweety

n whtever u have done in past...just forget..and go is so it.....:)

Thanks for being brave enough to keep your baby. ((hugs))

Yes I think its one of the best choices I've made in life even if its scarey at times and not knowing what to expect I think wow I'm growing a little angel inside of me and honestly I have so much more reason to try and be stronger now I love my little girl already I'm almost due one more month :-)

Brilliant. I'm pretty sure she will be as beautiful as her mum :)

Thank u

Hey there, well, what can I say? Just congratulations on your decision, you are brave girl. Your baby will make you really happy, it will be amazing and life changing. Stay strong, enjoy your pregnancy and take care of yoursef.

Thank you mpmg I'm excited its my first baby

no one can judge you,,and I do understand ,,what drives you,,,and think your a awesome lady