She Came Here Bcoz She Needed Help

Either I just agree to things and over commit and hope the other person will forget or maybe change his/her mind, or I will just stubbornly say no and/or find an excuse from my excuses on this one: a lady friend asked to come and swim at our pvt communal swimming pool (oh by the way am in cape town, and its summer now:-) I said yes she can come on Mondays after work as she wanted...I had lots of stuff to do, maybe as usual lol but also bcoz my place is a huge mess at the moment. I am in the slow process of making space. I cleared my cupboards. I didn't know what to do with my unwanted stuff. I doubt its got any retail value left. Ok, some most prob do but I still wouldn't know what to do. My friend just packed her boot full. Yay. Now I can walk around wthout having to do stunts lol. I think its nice to help a helpful seeker. Its nicer than just helping most of the people that I sometimes help, who somtimes steal or find a way for u to feel dumb for helping. I prayed and ask God to show me where its ok to be a blessing. And this one was a happy smiley face way esp when she said she will come for the rest next ready to start on a clean slate Lord please help me to help where I can
fakeitreal fakeitreal
Jan 21, 2013