This Is Why I Came

It is always important for me to remember why I came, why I registered to EP, why I came to be the person that I am, why I came...I came to the EP as a single parent, a lonely single parent, a full time working single parent

I got so consumed into the roles and responsibilities that I lost some #ubuntu i.e. Social concern, good conversations, healthy confidence, and space for humane am striving for a good healthy balance

I came because am aware of my need to learn, to share, to impart, to grow, to receive and yet within this confined space

I came. And you came. We are all here sharing this space. Where do u come from, geographically, school of thought, what defines you, are u influential, why r u part of this community?!?

May we be well
fakeitreal fakeitreal
Jan 13, 2013