Y the hell i'm not able to understand the fact that, "i came alone, i was alone, i'm alone and i'll be alone", !! Everytime the moment i see people talking to dear 1s closely, i dono wat **** happens to me, may be cos i never xperienced it.
and i afraid i may end up without experiencing the love from dear 1s,as the dear 1s doesnt exist fr me.
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You don't understand because your heart burns for something different.If you accept things life flows better.

You do not know what aloneness is,first move into relationship,fall in love first,thereafter try to understand what aloneness is.For now you are saying about is loneness not aloneness,may it is an intellectual understanding not a living experience.

gr8 sir.... thats the reason for my loniness... and u again asking me to get into that hell? :P

you haven't tasted hell yet,when you have really known or tasted hell,then there is no question of hell,heaven just happens.Just look into your hell and if you could manage your hell,it is not much of a hell yet,and that is the reason it is still un finish business. Difficult for ppl to move into hell completely and the reason ppl are fearful.Young man it is hard to digest what I say but if you are brave enough and able to take any pain for the sake of love then try what I say and it will be the proof.

Thanks saya.sayang

You are very young and have lots of time. Just chill out and be yourself -friends will come.