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I am in my late thirties. I am successful and have two young children. I have friends and family constantly trying to set me up with so and so. The only reason women are interested in me is for my money and the fact I have a nice house. I am sick and tired of people trying to set me up with who " they " want me to be with. I go out and drive my crappiest car and dress moderately. When I meet a woman I don't say exactly what I do for work because it is confidential and gives away my social status. When I meet a woman I share my interests very conservatively but truthfully. I in turn seek out what their interests and goals are and things never seem to go anywhere. When whoever I'm interested in finds out what I do for work and where I live then they completely change and I am offered everything. I feel this is shallow and it is also hurtful and frightening. I am not rushing things and hope the right woman will come along. My daughters ask when I will get a girlfriend and I don't know what to say. I have looked at dating games that bring up questions to help me find the right woman. The main question that says it all is when I ask this:

What are the responsibilities of a husband? I always get a machine gun list of what a woman expects from a husband, and this is great. The problem is when I ask:

What are the responsibilities of a wife? Things get very uncomfortable and fizzle out right away. This has happened about twelve times in the last two years.

Are there any women who can answer the question of what they believe the responsibilities of a wife/girlfriend are?
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In Biblical times the responsibility of a wife was to be at home, tend to the home and children, tend to her husband's needs and generally be a housewife while the husband's responsibility was to provide. No one lives like this anymore. Hardly anyone can afford to. Now both husband and wife share responsibilities equally. So in my view neither have any clear and set responsibility. They both should work and provide financially to the household and they both should share the house work and caring for the children. I don't believe in having any specific quota of responsibility for either. A marriage is a partnership and in a partnership responsibility is shared.