Well, We All Are Looking To See What Turns Up Next.

Seems that even people who have 'relationships' are looking over their shoulder to see what else there is, Are running to see what has turned up in the inbox, message-box, voicemail, twitter, facebook et all. A socielty of people who are 'for now' , eternally looking to see what is going to tun up next. We are all single now, no commitment, can always walk-off as their is no cost, no guilt, no shame to ending anything. Previous definitions of relationships are discouraged: 'parents' are assigned generic: 'carers' which can mean anything, (so as not to offend those too lazy to commit). , single-parents are assigned equal rights, benefits to married's. Married people are expected not to say they are as it may cause offense to those too lazy to use contraception. Social-workers call what was 'relationships' the 'precession, the train of partners who trape through the lives of their customers, letting of some *****, before proceeding on to the next. This is what happens to humans, and what humans do to humans when all accountability is removed.
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1 Response Dec 14, 2012

I am sorry.... Life just isn't that black and white sir.