Dedication To Singleness Well After Blind Selfishness..

Having blindly and unexpectedly let another into my life with my son I lost him fulltime, cried nights gone, was blind the man did not know how to open my eyes.. young and vulnerable, my son stayed with his dad and parents in where I came from a loving environment and well provided for..
I did not know how to cook anyhting other than roast potatoes and chicken..
Selfishly feeling powerless and confused, later realising im really hopeless at reading my emotions.. i had always had this difficulty growing up..
Sometimes the naive feelings of "iv never felt loved like this" can lead you to a very sad confusing path.. The man ended up being sweet and felt right but he was insecure, fed me this and made me feel insecure aslo..
I had not known the narrow-minded selfish man to not comfort me the night my son was first away from my reach, had not realised he probably didnt want my son in the equation or he must of been plain dumb,.. and to get angry at me for crying at night and not communicating..

Theres one memory too painfull, my young boy raging against this man at one instance, we were out of control, since being able to have this man finally just get out of my life, feeling pathetic what my feelings for him really were, the brainwashing so soon, the narcisstic traits made his opinions mine.. Im single and have not let any-man in my life since ending him..

It is almost 3years now and god I simply enjoy my long weekends with my son now he is 8.

Stronger than ever I see my sons thanks for my singleness, no other way
Gregariousgirl Gregariousgirl
22-25, F
Dec 16, 2012