Total Surrender

My wife and i of 15 years were open, she was fully aware of my crossdressing and Bi-Curiousity. I finally convinced her to invite another man into her bed and try the cuckold fetish - which was good, but also turned turned totally off the other end of the scale to which i was thinking.
We went shopping one day, she bought me a short pink sundress which i thought was so cute, and a pink bra and panty set. Later that day while still shopping, she asked me if I had ever had a complete make-over, i said no, i just dressed up at home. She bought me a dirty blonde wig, heels, stockings and garterbelt. Then we went to the Adult store, she bought D-cup silicone breast forms to complete the outfit.
She took me to another mall, and said it was make-over time, I was shocked. She had already talked to the owner about waxing my body, and making me up as a total girl - I was so panicked I would be discovered. The owner, Kim, took me to the back, waxed my legs and chest so i was completely smooth. Then she had me dress in my lingerie and sundress, fixed my wig, and the make-over started. When all was said and done, and we left the salon, i was so worried someone would see me, and i passed my own father in the mall! Nothing was said.... i thought that was awesome. When we got home, she took more pictures of me, then she handed me the diaper. I said i was not into it, but she gently reminded me of her willingness to explore my kinks and fetishes, i should induldge her with hers. she had me remove my panties, lay on the floor and the next think i knew i was diapered.
Now the story gets more intense. She said we were going to go shopping for more clothes for me, and that was when i panicked. Again, she reminded me she wanted to be happy and kinky too.... We bought more bra's and panties, short mini-dresses, then shoe shopping. She made me sit as the sales clerk fitted me with shoes - and I know for sure he saw i was diapered.... he smiled.
When we got home, she told me tonight was our first cuckold night - she invited a man to make love to her.... Then the doorbell rang. When i was told to get the door, my best friend was standing there - Smiling as he saw me. He walked in, kissed my wife, and she told him of our day. He made me lift my dress showing my diaper, then he handcuffed my hands and proceeded to make love to my wife. When they were done, he said my pink lips needed some touching up and i should maybe be sucking on a pacifier - and at that, he came over to me, the pacifer he wanted me to suck on was in fact his *** covered ****.... my wife was going insane with the camera....
3 years now they have been making love in what was once my marital bed, and i remain a diapered sissy cuckold with all their pictures and video's of my surrender as their blackmail making sure i do not stop anytime soon....
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I would love to have something like that happen! The closest I have ever been is my friend came into town on a prearranged liaison with my wife, and I went downstairs and changed into sissy clothes while they chatted on the couch. I thought they had gone upstairs to have sex, but they were still on the couch and I got seen by my wife. I'm not sure if my friend saw me all dolled up and diapered or not. I went back into the bathroom downstairs, and when i was sure they were upstairs, I got into self-bondage. My wife came down when they were finished, and i was allowed to clean her. It was such a great evening! The emotional part was difficult, but I would like to have that (or more) happen again.

I'd like to watch you watching them, do they let you ****?