Sissy Boi

well it started when i was 10, my mom made me dress in little pink panties and a little dress with blue sandles, this was all over me not eanting to play barbie with my sister. that afternoon my stepdad came home and started laughing at me and told me to go to my room and change. i did as i was told and when i got to my room ifound that my mom had more gurlie clothes out fot me to sleep in, so i changed and crawled into bed and later that night my stepdad came in the room and started to kiss me on the lips, then his hand moved down to my penis and he started to jack me off till i came on myself. that stared the everynight abuse he would play with my penis then he started making me suck him off and swallow his ***. after about a month of this i started to begg him for his **** and then i knew i was a little sissy **** for sure, now i am 39 and still love sucking on ****.
sucker24 sucker24
36-40, M
Dec 4, 2012