Mrs John Walker

I am a 39 year old sissy who just became a housewife. It all started when I was a 5 foot 6 140 pound teenager. I started wearing my moms bra and girdle . I then progressed to a wig and makeup. Once I learned to dress I started to sneak out and walk to the store. I would ********** then forget about dressing for a few days. The Internet changed everything. I started to meet guys and go on dates. I learned how to please a man with my mouth but wanted to stay a virgin and did. I always dreamed of my wedding night and honeymoon. I knew I had a very tight rear and could only get one finger in. I knew if I met the right man then he would train mesexually and I would learn to like it. I did meet that man and after just a few dates was orally pleasing him. Now that we are married I have learned to relax my rear and accept him. He always makes sure we climax together and then I clean him up with my mouth. I guess I'm very lucky.
PattYwalker PattYwalker
Sep 7, 2012