I Am Sissy Man

I always think of sissy bois as younger than 20 – that is middle school or high school and sissy men as 50 years or older. I fantasize that I was a sissy boi but didn’t wear panties until I was 47 and then only two weekends. My erotic reading was sissy or humiliated girl: Miss Highheels, A Man and his Maid, Justine. I also enjoyed Harlequin romantic fiction.

I pictured myself as a submissive sissy, domineered by a Woman and living as a sissy maid or sissy gurl. One Dominant was Mummy who loved her ‘little gurl’. My clothing was typically youngish girl’s: short skirts, petticoats, lots of bows and ruffles, blond hair curls, manicure and pedicure. I loved Mummy and she ensured I was respectful to all Women – curtsies and head bowed. If I misbehaved I was often diapered for several days.

But the reality was I wore lingerie all the time and there was no Dominant Woman training me. I did see a professional Dominant a couple of times and that was fun, but no relationship.
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lucky single ladie you are